10 Useful tips for husband to deal his wife

Tips For husband


Everyone wants to live a happy life with health and wealth. Happy life is very important for every one especially for a married couple. Because marriage connects two families together and it requires a lot of understanding among husband and wife and their families also. Now a days, Divorce ratio is increasing due to different family problems, because the differences between husband and wife growing day by day. Some people find it very difficult to deal his wife because they think wife can’t be kept happy. No institution can teach this art. This art can only be learned by experience. Here are some tips to deal with wife that will leads to happy life.


Celebrations and surprises

Women always like surprises especially if you are newly married couple, celebrate different occasions whenever you get chance. Try to remember special days which are most important in her life like birthdays and anniversaries. Celebrate surprise birthday parties. Surprised your wife by giving beautiful gifts on anniversary because it’s a special day for women. From this their will be a lot of understanding between the two of you and your relationship will be stronger.

Show love to your wife

Husband’s love makes a woman very strong. Even an angry woman can easily deals with love. Try to assured that she is beautiful and she is very important for you. Always talk to your wife with love and patience.

Live happily

In order to live a happy life, it is necessary to have a little fun in your life. If you get the chance, go to a vacation spot. Try to go for shopping in free time. Go for a walk outside. Go out for dinner or lunch in free time. You have to show attention and listen to her with great interest also take care of her privacy. These little things make life such more beautiful.

Respect in front of others

Every woman likes to be respected and feels good when her husband speaks kindly to her. It is very important to respect women. No women like that her husband talks loudly to her in front of others and show flexibility to your wife.

Treat her with dignity 

No women can bear her disgrace. Treat women with great dignity because she don’t want to be humiliated in front of her children because even children do not respect their mother in this way. It has very bad effect on children.

Always take decision together

Husband and wife are two wheels of a car, if one of them breaks down the car becomes useless. In the same way the husband should accompany his wife and if they want to get a decision, they have to think about it together also you should Share your finances with your wife.

Help her in household work

A woman stays busy all the day. She takes care of the children and does the housework also. Try to help her with household chores on the day off. You can make tea for them or a special dinner for her to give her a little relief. Help them with food and can do other household chores. That way she will feel little calmer and she will be in a good mood.

Support her

Every woman wants her husband support her, no matter how many differences with each other or any other person. She expects that her husband will support her in every matter. If you find out she is wrong, don’t disrespect in front of other rather, when you are alone, then explain to her that it is her fault and you have to admit your mistake.

Respect her desires

Try to take care of her wishes as much as possible. Take care of what she likes and dislikes. This will make a lot of understanding between the two of you and you will be able to live a prosperous life.

Show your appreciation:

Appreciation is very important. Let your wife do the housework freely so that she can recognize herself as master of her house. For example if your wife is house wife then appreciate her in daily household chores.


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